Oliver Cromwell – about as much fun as stinging nettle underpants

Whenever a grown-up says “I don’t understand <some massively important historical event which has shaped our country>” I send them to Horrible Histories’ Bob Hale so they can find out all about it in three minutes.

Three minutes?!

Well, that means plenty of time for an educational showtune…


Don’t forget – kids aren’t as clever as they used to be, modern culture is dumbing us down etc etc etc

Marc Prensky on Assessment

Here is Marc, talking with Prof Heppell on how educational assessment is years, if not centuries behind the technology people are using to learn and find out stuff.

Whenever I film an interview in HD on my £100 FLIP, which I can put on youtube and at least a few people will look at, and contains all the body language and emotion of the interviewee, but then spend ages transcribing so it becomes faceless words on paper – with little or no chance of being read – I do wonder when the ‘doctorate’ will take a step into the 20th century, if not the 21st…

Here are Marc’s thoughts on a range of other education-related topics >>

He is on the money about a lot of things – the post-literate society is nearer than we think…