Using Social Media to create Content from Process

And if that bit of Birtspeak 2.0 doesn’t get a double gold star from the DG I wonder what will :) **

I have borrowed the term from Dr. Claire Wardle, who is currently on a mission to get BBC journalists to understand how they can use social media to improve their journalism.

The principle is pretty straightforward – now it is extremely easy for people to self-publish content on the web, instead of keeping information acquired in the course of telling a story hidden from the audience, use social media tools to publish it. Obviously this is not an option for someone involved in an undercover investigation :)

Here are some examples of things that are currently going on in the BBC:

This kind of transparency potentially opens journalism and programme-making to a much greater degree of scrutiny than before. As people can see more – there are more questions they can ask:

  • Why did you ask X and not Y?
  • Why did you post here and not there?
  • Why did you leave that bit out?

But then these are the kinds of questions programme-makers need to be asking themselves anyway.

Transparency – it’s the new Impartiality.

** Although it’s got a long way to go before it’s as unintelligeable as this particular bit of gibberish: