Start ‘em Young

If you have a kid between 5 and 10 then you will know about Steve Backshall (or at least your wife (or boyfriend) will ;) ).

The BBC are doing a really brilliant job of building a new media ‘multiplatform’ brand around him and his brilliant for all ages programme ‘Deadly 60′. It helps that he is one of the best TV presenters I have ever seen – from a technical point of view his ability to hit his marks, keep the tone audience appropriate, being Attenborough or Chris Packham like in his subject authority while handling the natural world’s deadliest critters is frankly, amazing. And he’s buff when he gets his top off – or so I am told.

Anyway, for my 6 year old daughter, the ability to contribute her own content to the Kids Go Deadly website is the kind of thing that makes her week. Granted for now, it’s contributing on the producer’s terms, but given this is an expected way of interacting with TV programmes and websites for Year 2 schoolkids – what kind of interaction are they going to expect when they are teenagers and adults? The ordained content we put up with just isn’t going to cut it.

(Of course the biggest draw is ‘Live and Deadly‘ – the virtual world will never take over completely…)