Wu How

Wu How – The Ninja Guide to pretty much anything finally made it onto screen and has been broadcast on BBC 3.

Andy Mosse the show’s creator and winner was the winner of the BBC3 social media pitch competition that Danny Cohen ran at the BBC using moo, a social networking site that I created for the BBC. Basically entrants had to submit a short video pitch or pilot for a programme idea suitable for BBC 3. The idea was to give access to a commissioner to people in the BBC who sit outside of the fairly closed shop that is pitching and development, Danny to his credit was keen to break this down and see who else was in the organisation who had good ideas.

Wu How as broadcast is very very close to Andy’s pitch video and it is great to see it get on air after a fairly lengthy and not altogether straightforward passage through the development journey.

Once entrants had submitted their pitches and vids the user comments were used to shortlist the finalists. Danny actually checked out all the vids (there were over 100 entrants) and was in complete agreement with the finalists, and Wu How being the best idea.

Here is one episode, you can see them all on the BBC’s you tube site